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today was prosh. it was prettyyy good, but lots of small things have hit my mood....
since posting virtually equals no viewership, but i still want a semblance of "proactiveness" (so when my conscience kicks in I can tell it I tried talking about things)so thus:

1) Woke up too too early for prosh. Not in itself bad, except I've had little to no sleep this week, courtesy of a recent bout of hayfever.
2) Had left the house when I remembered leaving books behind that I had to return this morning, else face the wrath of the librarians. And no, I'm not scared of them, but of what they can do... 25$ for every couple hours late? I mean, really - and people complain about speed cameras.... The true injustice is here people! In the heart of the law school!!!
3) I bumped into a girl who had just lost her new phone. It was veryy exxy and she was understandably devastated. Calling it didn't work, so unfortunately it seems someone has stolen it.
4) This is in chronological order, btw..
4) continued. Managed to get lost in the city... Why are there so many cafes???
5) The city was all staked out.
6) Managed to miss a friend.
7) Lost my phone sock!! Eep!
8) Got separated from my group..
9) Very nearly took the VERY wrong bus
10) Phone went off in lecture
11) Awkwardly told off LOUDLY!! for said misdeed.
12) Can't call the person back because they have a with-held number, even though it's URGENT!!!
13) Found my phone charm broken
14) Talked to a friend that was really upset, but that wouldn't give me any detail.
15) Reason to worry about my brother and his sanity.
16) Forgot to buy food, so fridge (and freezer) empty = cereal / noodles for dinner
17) Room is a total mess! ahhhhhhhh
and perhaps the biggest bother of all...
18) got a 40% assignment due at 12pm on friday, which i haven't started and won't have time to because im not only journalling but panicking.

// I think i feel better. but cant tell yet. i'm so sleep deprived im lagging.

p.s. Obviously all these things are of different levels of negativity, thus the chrono order ^^


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HERRO CASSANDRE!!!!! n____n (I'm right arn't I??) xDDDDD YAYAYAYAYAY (sorry for the late swamped with ghey assignments) >.<
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heeheee course u are!
assignments? *shudder* what are you up to this year?
it's great to see u on deviant, can''t wait to see you submit more art ^^
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